HP60 Wall and Ceiling Drying

HP60 Wall and Ceiling Drying Package
Order# INJ01

The industry’s first trapped moisture ventilating system. Dries up to 100 linear feet of water damaged walls and ceilings (behind and underneath cabinets) using our patented Active Hoseline and by injecting air between stud cavities using 3/16 inch (wall) 1/4 inch (cabinet) holes(or removing moist air with negative pressure) with an industrial grade blower. Comes complete with patented Active Hoseline, Tubing, Injectors, Manifolds, Hosecuffs & Carry Bags. Open the product sheet to see specs and package detail with job photos. Purchase accessories to increase your system’s capabilities by purchasing Vac-It Panels (patent pending). When drying in negative mode it is necessary to use our Water Separator to protect your blower.

US Patent #US589321 and 6647639

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